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Cyber IMTITHAL is the ultimate platform for organizations seeking to streamline their cybersecurity compliance effectively and systematically to achieve compliance with cybersecurity standards. It is important for organizations operating in Saudi Arabia to stay updated with the evolving cybersecurity compliance landscape and ensure that the organization complies with cybersecurity standards and regulations, for safeguarding sensitive data and maintaining trust with stakeholders.

Why are we doing this ?

Simplified Management

The product streamlines the process of managing cybersecurity standards and compliance through an easy-to-use interface.                   

Enhanced Efficiency

By distributing controls and assigning tasks systematically, the efficiency of cybersecurity implementation in the organization can be improved.

Advanced Monitoring

The product assists in monitoring the progress of control implementation and provides detailed reports on the status of each control. 

Compliance and Assessment

Managers can assess the level of compliance with standards and identify controls that require improvement or modification.

What exactly are we doing ?

Simplify, Manage, Comply

Standards and Project Management

The product allows the creation and management of cybersecurity standards and link them to specific projects.





Control Distribution

 It facilitates the distribution of controls to different departments within the organization, ensuring effective implementation.

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Gradual Review and Approval

The product offers a series of reviews and approvals, starting from departments responsible for implementation, then the Cybersecurity Department, and ending with the compliance officer.

Notifications and Alerts

 It includes a robust notification system for important events such as project creation, task assignment, and approval or rejection of controls and tasks.

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